First Thursday Gallery Receptions
Feb 5, March 5, April 2, 4 - 6 pm


Women Painters of Washington Gallery
Columbia Center - 3rd Floor

Seattle, WA 98104


February 3 through May 1, 2009



Susanne Werner - Siena Triptych
Siena, Arti e Sapori I, II, III - Susanne Werner, Artist


Linda Bean
Barbara Britts
Tracy Fraker
Chris Gedye
Madelaine Georgette
Espi Grundy
Ruth Handewith
Pam Harold
Pat Hitchens
Colette Laico
Donna Leavitt
Ruth Little
Jane Mayer
Pia Messina
Alice Owen
Paula Parks
Cheryl Richey
Sue Rose
Susanne Werner
Irene Yesley

Sojourns, the newest exhibition at Women Painters of Washington Gallery, showcases the diverse talents of 20 women artists from the greater Puget Sound area whose media include watercolor, oil, acrylic, mixed media, collage, colored pencil, and pastel. The gallery is free and open to the public. Sojourns explores the meaning and importance of travel and discovery in both real and symbolic journeys.

Christine Gedye "Passing Through" oil, 18 x18"

The current organizers of Sojourns, Susanne Werner and Irene Yesley, are fine examples of the range of locales and media represented in this exhibit. Werner is an award-winning Bellevue artist who was born and educated in Germany. Many of her mixed media paintings on canvas employ a vibrant color palette, multiple layers of textured collage papers, and

evocative, geometric shapes to convey a sense of place. Werner states, “Although I deliberately eliminate any attempts at literal representation, many of my paintings translate, through the visual language of abstraction, what I observed, tasted, and felt in the places I have traveled.”

Yesley grew up in Spokane and currently resides on Bainbridge Island after living 22 years in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She earned a MFA in printmaking at Arizona State University and has an extensive background in fiber arts. Yesley says, “Traces of all the art I have made are present in the art I make today. In my new work, I paint with acrylic on silk, which allows me to continue my interest in laying and creating luminosity by glazing.”

The variety of images, perspectives, and techniques by participating artists in the Sojourns show make this a “must see” exhibition.

Ruth Handewith "Dahlias" watercolor 14 x 22"

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