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Ann Breckon - WPW Life Member 2011

Ann Breckon
Ann Breckon (right) with Kristi Dyson

Ann became a member of Women Painters of Washington in 1996.  She soon contributed in a big way by serving as our president for two years from 1998 to 2000.  She then became our life membership chairman.  While serving in that position she made it her business to seek out all of our existing life members.  She systematically visited and interviewed them and then wrote articles for our newsletter to reintroduce them to newer members.  This job turned into a labor of love as Ann got to know these cherished members.  For several years three or more of these members were personally escorted to our spring meeting where they were honored for their accomplishments.  In addition to gathering this information Ann also oversaw the granting of life member status to other deserving members.  Ann felt strongly that these members needed to be remembered and honored for all that they had done to make WPW what it is today.  All of her work on our life members is now available on our website.

After this work was accomplished Ann moved on to serve as hostess for our annual holiday luncheon.  Her attention to detail and her natural flair for making an event special made these luncheons memorable and fun!

Ann is currently serving in her previous position and is once again our life membership chairman.  Last year she was standing in this spot presenting life membership to two other members.  As always she presented the awards with thoughtfulness and grace.  As a number of us worked to prepare something for her this year we became aware of the attention to detail that Ann demonstrated in doing her job.  I hope that we can measure up to her standards in order to adequately honor her.


There are a number of words that describe Ann.  As I talked with other members about her accomplishments she was described as steady, dependable, thorough, organized, determined, gracious and generous with her time and knowledge.  Ann has continuously contributed to WPW as well as to other art associations by serving on their boards.  She has chaired national exhibitions, given numerous talks and demonstrations and held various board positions.  She is currently serving as the president of the Northwest Watercolor Foundation, which is the charitable arm of the Northwest Watercolor Society.  She is most proud of her work with the scholarship program that the Foundation grants annually because it seeks to help aspiring artists who are making a commitment to artistic excellence.

Ann is a self starter and as an artist she is mostly self taught.  She tenaciously follows through on whatever goals she sets for herself and she strives for excellence.  Her success is partly measured by the numerous awards and professional recognitions she has received, however, it is also evident in the many lives she has touched.  Ann teaches regular classes and workshops where she strives to develop an appreciation of the arts in others.  Over the years she has encouraged many new and young artists and has helped them to develop their skills and define their artistic vision.

Women Painters of Washington and all the organizations that Ann has been affiliated with have benefited from her many contributions.  Ann simply and quietly gets things done.  It is my pleasure today to award Ann the honor of Life Membership with all of its privileges in Women Painters of Washington!

Congratulations Ann!

(text prepared and submitted by Kristi Galindo Dyson, Past Pressident of Women Painters of Washington).


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Copper Reflections





Interviews of Life Members are
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