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Marilyn Webberley - WPW Life Member 2012

Marilyn Webberley
Marilyn Webberley knew she was an artist from early childhood.  Marilyn’s friends might have preferred bikes, but Marilyn asked instead for art supplies.  Always loving art, she started taking classes at the Portland Art Museum in Oregon, doing drawings from live models at the age of nine.  She finished her formal education with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Washington, studying both commercial and fine art.

After graduating, Marilyn worked as a model for Frederick & Nelson and for Vogue magazine, in the Vogue Fashion Pavilion at the Seattle World’s Fair.

For sixteen years painting was set aside while raising four children, but creativity was not neglected.  A master calligrapher, Marilyn was on the faculty of two International Calligraphy Conferences and taught for 11 years at Seattle Pacific University in the adjunct program with classes including a wide range of topics: drawing, sketching, painting, design, calligraphy, the history of alphabets, and bookmaking.  In 1995, Marilyn wrote, illustrated and published a book on bookbinding titled Books, Boxes & Wraps: Binding and Building Step by Step which took ten years to create and has now sold out of two printings.

In addition, graphic work branched out to include being employed by the Seattle Gilbert and Sullivan Society for seven years.  She created an 18x36 foot backdrop screen and painted prop vases and jars for their production of The Mikado.  Her art was also used on numerous posters, postcards, T-shirts, newspaper ads,  program and libretto covers, store-front ads and even bus banners. 

Mikado Backdrop

When the children were older, she met, studied and painted with William F. Reese, along with Lois McFarland, Ron Lukas and Sunny Yang.  Workshops on his farm included full set-ups with cowboys, animals and props.  Marilyn went painting with him and friends weekly and her work shows the influence of the Russian Impressionistic style she learned through his friendship and tutelage.  Marilyn also studied portrait and landscape painting in China in 1992.

A Kiss
A Kiss

Marilyn’s work has been juried into numerous national and international exhibitions and her work is held in collections all over the world.  Locally, she regularly shows at the Howard/Mandville Gallery in Kirkland and the Women Painters of Washington Gallery.  She is a member of the National Association of Women Painters and the Oil Painters of America.  Currently she has four paintings on loan to the US State Department, where they are being shown at the US Embassy in Israel as part of the Art In Embassies program.


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Marilyn joined the Women Painters of Washington in 1992, through her involvement with the Puget Sound Art League.  Her service to our group has been truly outstanding. 

  • UW Medical Center’s Women’s Clinic 11 years
    • Special Projects Chair 1998-1999, project called NW Seasons
    • Purchase of WPW art for permanent collection
    • Commission of one 30x40 landscape painting, which Marilyn was chosen to do
  • S.A.B.L.E.  Chair 2001-6 and co-chair 2000-2001
  • Exhibition Chairman
  • Show Chair
  • Graphics work:
    • Fresh rendering of our circular logo
    • WPW  Calligraphic name logo/header used in our newsletter and stationary
    • Irish exchange Millennium Images logo
    • Gallery postcards
  • 1st VP, Programs, 2 years  2009-11
  • President two terms:  1996-7  &   2008-9
  • Advisor to president:  1997-8,  2009-11



Calligrapher, teacher, graphic artist, published author, and painter, Marilyn’s accomplishments are amazing and diverse.  Women Painters is truly honored to have such a multi-talented and esteemed artist as a member.  Her willingness to serve well, repeatedly, and at length makes it a great pleasure to honor her in return with the title of Life Member.

Written by Ann Breckon



the grand duke


Art in Embassies

You can see more of Marilyn's artwork at http://marilynwebberley.com




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