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"The joy in painting for me lies in the process of creating. As soon as I dip my brush in water, load it with the pigment and introduce it to paper, I’m in a different world. The painting starts with transparent watercolor and continues developing darks while managing to keep the lights. During this process I usually end up adding gouache to the work. It is great fun to manipulate and adjust the textures until the results are pleasing. The painting is considered finished only when it feels just right. Any media, as long as it is water soluble, is fair game, and any tool I can think of to help create textures on hot press paper is a welcome find."



  • Millennium Images, Ireland & America
  • National Academy, New York
  • National Watercolor Society
  • Midwest Watercolor Society
  • Watercolor West
  • Northwest Watercolor Society
  • Women Painters of Washington
  • Red River National Exhibition
  • Palette and Chisel Club, Chicago
  • San Diego Watercolor Society International
  • Pigs on Parade, Seattle



  • Best of Watercolor Painting Color, Rockport   Publishers
  • Floral Inspirations, Rockport Publishers
  • Best of Watercolor, Rockport Publishers
  • Creative Watercolor A Step-by-Step Guide   and Showcase by M. Beckwith
  • Who’s Who of American Women 20th   Editio
  • Who’s Who in American 52nd Edition



  • National Watercolor Society, Signature
  • Transparent Watercolor Society of    America, Signature
  • Northwest Watercolor Society, Signature,    President Emeritus
  • Watercolor West, Juried Associate
  • Women Painters of Washington, President    Emeritus
  • American Watercolor Society, Associate



  • Washington State University
  • Burnley School of Professional Art
  • Lyme Academy of Fine Art





Fanemo - 29 x 21"

Jeannie Grisham
Bainbridge Island, WA


Manitoba - 28 x 20"


Oriolidae - 21 x 14"


Tucson - 21 x 14"


Acam - 21 x 14"


All Artwork Copyright
of the Artist.




















































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